Thursday, July 2, 2015

On July 11, RPL will host its third cosplay contest. This is for all ages and we welcome all who wish to take part.  Contestants can wear any type of costume from handmade to store bought; we just want all participants to come to the library and have fun! Alongside the cosplay, we will also have our Create-it Con where you can Play, Learn, and Do!

There are a few rules, which are listed below.
1) The doors open at 9 am and our cosplay judging will happen at 3 pm.
2) You MUST sign up at the cosplay table to be a part of the judged contest.
3) We will have a People’s Choice Award where we post your photo on our Facebook page and the picture with the most likes wins. This is optional.
4) This is a family friendly event. RPL reserves the right to refuse a costume entry that the staff deems unfit for an audience of all ages. Costumes deemed inappropriate will not be allowed to participate in the contest or enter the library.
5) All costumes must be rated PG with sufficient body coverage and no chance of indecent exposure. For safety reasons, please wear footwear at all times, even if your costume doesn’t require it.
6) Weapons are not allowed. Anything with a sharp edge or any metal objects are not allowed. Anything that shoots projectiles is not allowed. Only soft foam props are allowed and they are NOT to be used for hitting people or things.

The Rogers Public Library reserves the right to remove any attendees who do not follow the above rules or are creating a hazard for other attendees. Please be respectful to others attending Create-it Con and, above all, get your cosplay on!

For more rules and information, please go to

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